November 5, 2012

NSLI-Y Korea Students Show off their Language Skills and Share their Reflections

Whether NSLI-Y students study abroad for a summer or an academic year, all return to the U.S. with a greater understanding of other languages and cultures. In this video, students studying Korean show off their language skills in at the end of their summer program.

Beyond improving their language skills, students gain new perspectives of the world and set new aspirations and goals for their future. Our photo-essay winner, who spent the summer of 2012 in Seoul, describes how the experience impacted him:

Through these cultural exchanges, I was not only able to learn the Korean language, but also catalyze my desire to pursue my studies even further. By keeping an open mind during my trip, I was able to establish many bonds with the new friends I made and grasp onto the knowledge I learned in Sogang University. Being in NSLIY, I realized that staying within comfort zones will culturally restrict a person and not allow him to gain new perspectives to apply to their everyday life; putting aside forks and knifes and trying to eat with chopsticks is a perfect example. Though the program is over, my studies have only begun.

Full highlights from the summer 2012 program in Seoul, South Korea, including photos of students with host families, participating in cultural activities, and in language classes, are featured in a NSLI-Y summer highlights video.  Congratulations to all students who participated in the program and built bridges between Koreans and Americans over the summer!